GangotriGangotri in Uttarkashi District is situated. This is the origin place of river Ganga so it is called Gangotri. Gangotri is situated at the Greater Himalayan range 3,042 meters above sea level is. It is 99 km from Uttarkashi district is located. Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa in the 18th century Gangotri temple was built and is located on the left bank of river Bhagirathi. Gangotri is the special thing about visiting the temple for visitors to stay in special housing. The temple between May and October, is visited by millions of pilgrims every year. By November, Gangotri is covered by snow and it is believed that Goddess Mukhba retreats, the winter residence. Gaumukh physical source of the sacred river, is 18 kilometers. More difficult, with Gangotri glacier. Summer temperatures during the day and cold at night and very quiet in the winter, it is covered by ice and remains below zero. Gangotri, the best season to visit is from April to November. Hindi, Garhwali and English are the main language spoken here.

History of Gangotri :-

According to Indian mythology, King Sagar had 60,000 sons. The earth by defeating all the monsters and the yajna Ashwamedha wanted to announce their superiority to the forum. For this, he sent his horse across the earth with his sons. King of Heaven, Lord Indra feared the power of King Sagar and to stop him, he stole the horse and tied it to the ashram of sage Kapil. When the 60,000 sons saw the horse in Kapil's ashram they got furious and started to visit the Ashram.Anshuman, grandson of King Sagar brought the horse back to the monk and asked for her forgiveness. Sage Kapil said that the sons could be brought to life only if Ganga is brought from heaven to earth. So, intesely Bhagirath meditated for many years and finally, has the grace of the goddess Ganga came down to earth and reveal themselves as the river. To prevent the earth from flooding, Lord Shiva, the complicated effects of the fall in the Ganga at least the vast locks. King Bhagirath then worshiped Lord Shiva and Shiva blessed him and his locks in seven streams of Ganga continues. Eternal rest in the waters of Ganga Sagar sons who rose to heaven touched the ashes. The seven streams of Ganga Bhagirathi, Jahnvi, bhilangana, Mandakini, Rishiganga, Saraswati and Alaknanda, which were merged in the Ganga at Devprayag. Gangotri Bhagirathi at her legendary source of the goddess Ganga came to be called as. Gangotri Temple is located on the right bank of river Bhagirathi. Rock on which King Bhagirath is believed to have meditated is called Bhagirath Shila and is located near the temple of Ganga.

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