Tehri Garhwal

Tehri Garhwal
Tehri Garhwal region is one of the largest districts in the Indian state of Uttaranchal. This area is considered one of the holiest places of the state and is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. There are many places you can visit during the trip Tehri Garhwal, because many of the most powerful temples in the region, and also old, built in 823 AD - BC 886th

Visit Buda Cedar, which manages part of the temple. This is considered a sacred Hindu temple in reality, and to the point where the rivers Ganga and Ganga Dharam identical. It houses the temple of Shiva Linga, and pilgrims visit this place during the holiday season.

Tehri Garwal Tourist Place

 Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam
Tehri Dam is the world's largest hydroelectric projects use water from two major rivers of the Himalayas, namely Bhagirathi and Bhilangana. It is expected to generate 346mw of hydroelectric power. The dam is also very controversial, which has witnessed protests from environmentalists. It will completely submerge Tehri town and 23 villages, while another 72 villages will be partially flooded. Tehri Dam is the largest dam higher and Asia.


ChambaChamba is at an altitude of 1676 meters above sea level in the Tehri district of Uttaranchal state. Chamba is located at one end of the Chamba Road. Chamba is known for its wild beauty and panoramic views. Chamba is frequently visited by tourists as Chamba offers peace and refinement. Chamba is a picturesque village in the closing laps of the Himalayas. Chamba success tempting tourists for a long time with his beauteousness, not celestial. Located in the thick forests of deodar trees, overlooks the Chamba Himalayas refreshing.
Chamba was part of the ancient kingdom of Gorkha, but the king of Garhwal later ruled this place. Chamba is a beautiful place of great natural beauty attracts lovers of nature throughout the year. Discover the pastoral life of people living in villages around Chamba. Chamba is located two hours from Rishikesh.
Chamba is a mountain resort destination weekend Tehri Garhwal and unspoiled beauty of the famous views of the Himalayas. Help Chamba India, the latest figures on tourism in Chamba. Chamba-Mussoorie fruit belt is also famous for its delicious apples.


DevprayagDevprayag is a small town in Tehri Uttarakhand. Located at the confluence of Bhagirathi river and the river Alakananda, Devprayag is a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination. Located on the road to Badrinath from Rishikesh, the target is an average altitude of 472 meters, a distance of about 75 km from Rishikesh. Devprayag, which means "holy confluence" in Sanskrit, was named after the Hindu ascetic, sage Devsharma. Devprayag Raghunathji Tourism offers pilgrimages to the temple, the temple Chandrabadani, Dashrathshila, activities, etc., such as hiking and rafting Devprayag done. Devprayag connectivity to major destinations in the Garhwal region is a popular tourist destination.

Chandrabadani Temple

Chandrabadni Temple
The Chandrabadni a mountain (2277 m above sea level) located at Latitude 30 * 18 'north and Longitude 78 * 37 'East.  The border of tahsil Devaprayag Pratapnagar and is well known for Chandrabadni Devi temple which is at the top of the mountain about 10 km. North of Kandi Khal (a place on the road Kirti Nagar Devaprayag-gravel), 22 km. of Devaprayag and km 109. From Narendra Nagar.

General Facts :-

It is said that when Shiva's wife sati was given their life in the yajna started by his father and Shiva Kailash mountains were taking her body, her torso fell here. There are a few old statues and iron out of the temple with a lot of Trident (trishul). It Sirkanda, kedarnath and badrinath peaks is a beautiful view of comands. The temple here is very small and on any Idol instead of a flat stone carved Mr device. Traditionally, a cloth canopy roof on the Mr-device once a year and a Brahmin priest is tied to it blind folded. Lower part of his body was dropped here. The temple is called by the Chandrabadni.

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