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Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful states of northern India, known as Dev Bhoomi, or the gods. The holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna originates from this was great. Chardham Yatra, and respects the four most sacred Hindu temples: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Uttarakhand was engraved on the hilly areas of Uttar Pradesh this year, on 9 November 27, 2000, and became a state in India. Hills of Uttaranchal has all the ingredients of adventure, full of excitement and suspense - unexplored valleys, towering peaks, rivers, snow-capped mountains, a wonderful combination of flora and fauna and vast Snow is empty. It gives some of the best places for adventure sports such as skiing, rafting and rock climbing. Uttarakhand is also a treasure trove of exotic flora and fauna and is an ideal place for ecotourism and nature tourism. The famous Corbett National Park is proud of Uttaranchal.Other important protected areas, Rajaji National Park, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilla etc. Dehradun the capital of Uttarakhand state of India known as the Doon Valley and is located at the foot of the Shivalik ranges in India. This is a major tourist attraction in the state. Some of the beautiful hill station, Nainital, Mussoorie, Almora, Kasauni, Ranikhet, Auli Kanatal Haridwar and Rishikesh, etc. are popular Pilgrims. Rishikesh, Shivpuri two famous places known for white water rafting. For an unforgettable holiday visit to Uttarakhand and spend some days in nature. "Uttarakhand is famous for its natural beauty found anywhere.  Uttarakhand is also famous for adventure and honeymoon destinations in India. This state is known for its splendor and natural beauty. Uttarakhand is a 'heaven' for nature lovers and lovers of extreme sports.

Geographical Area :-

Uttarakhand State is part of the Himalayas and is located at coordinates 30.19 "N and 78.04 E 'in the north-western Uttar Pradesh. State key international borders of Tibet and Nepal, whereas It shares borders with Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in India. Uttarakhand holds 1.73% of the total area of India 53483 km².   The Western Himalayas between 3000-3500 meters are covered with Alpine Shrub and Meadows. (93% is mountainous and 64% is covered by Forest)

Climate :-
The climate is temperate in Uttarakhand, marked seasonal variations in temperature, but is also influenced by a tropical monsoon. January is the coldest month of the Mat temperatures below freezing every day in the north and 70 degrees F (21 ° C) to the southeast. In the north in the month of July is the warmest month with temperatures generally from mid-40-F (about 7 ° C) at 70 ° C per day. South-east, May is the hottest month, when temperatures often reach 100s F (38 ° C) for at least 80 degrees F (27 ° C). The lower most of the space of about 60 inches (1500 mm) annual rainfall has led to the monsoon which blows from July to September. Floods and landslides during the rainy season are the problems of the lower valleys. In Upstate, 10-15 feet (5.3 meters), the snow is common from December to March.

Plant and Animal life :-
Four major forest types are located in Uttarakhand between alpine meadows to the north, temperate forests of the great Himalayas, the tropical deciduous forests of the Himalayas and the small spiny forest Siwalik Range and parts of the Terai. Forests provide not only wood and wood, but also the extensive grazing of cattle in March. Only a small part of the state the area is permanent pasture.
Tree species in temperate forests are include Himalayan cedar , Himalayan  pine, oak, silver fir, spruce, chestnut, elm, poplar, birch, yew, cypress, and rhododendron. Journal of tropical forests of Sal, Teak and shisham, all arose suddenly, submontane deciduous. Dhak thorn forests, Babul, and a variety of shrubs, is located in the south. 

Uttarakhand has a rich array of animal life. Tigers, leopards, elephants, wild boars, and sloth bears are among the state’s large mammals. Common birds include pigeons, doves, ducks, partridges, peacocks, jays, quail, and woodpeckers. Crocodiles are found in some areas. Lions and rhinoceroses have become extinct in the region. A number of national parks and sanctuaries have been established to preserve Uttarakhand’s wildlife.

Culture :-
Uttarakhand Culture Uttarakhand culture is very ancient, dating back to prehistoric times. Over time, took a new form, while maintaining their size. The most important part of the culture of Uttarakhand is a tribute to human nature and the celebration of the life of peace and mutual respect. Ancient traditions and customs of the Skanda Puran Uttarakhand Cedar or Khand. Areas of arts, crafts, dance and music are the same as in the past to preserve their traditions.
Uttarakhand to find a way of expression of the cultural life of its inhabitants. People, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, to celebrate all festivals with enthusiasm. Areas of Garhwal and Kumaon are full of places of religious significance. Charitable occasions, people gather in these places to celebrate the holidays with a deep faith. This expression of joy and happiness, not only reflects the rich culture of Uttarakhand, but also gives an overview of how to live and celebrate life. Uttarakhand people are also known as Garhwali or Kumaoni; some of them are also known as Paharis.

There are other components of the culture of Uttarakhand

* Languages :-


       Bhotiya, etc.
* Fairs and Festivals :-
       Kumbh Mela,
       Ardh Kumbh Mela,

       Gauchar Mela,
       Devidhura Mela,
       Purnagiri Mela,
       Nanda Devi Mela,
       Makar Sankranti,
       Thaul Fair,

       Basant Panchami,
       Phool Dei etc.
* Music :-
       Garhwali Folk Music,

       Puja Folk Songs, etc.
* Dance :-
       Garhwali Dance Forms,

       Barada Nati,
       Langvir Nritya,
       Pandav Nritya, etc.
* Food :-
       Aloo Daal Pakora,
       Jhangore Ki Kheer,
       Bhatt Ki Churdkani,
       Garhwal Ka Fannah,
       Roat & Arsa,
       Gulgula, etc.
Therefore, we can say that the Uttarakhand shows the different cultures in their field. The difference between the lifestyle and culture is in fact a unique quality of Uttarakhand.

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