Dhari Devi

Dhari Devi TempleDhari Devi Temple cliff 20 meters above the river Alaknanda in Uttarakhand is located on the banks. One has got to journey a distances of 15 km from Srinagar(Pauri Garhwal) on Srinagar-Badrinath highway-road up-to Kaliya Saur, then down trek another half km towards Alaknanda river. According to local legend, the face of the statue keeps ever-changing from a girl, to a woman, and then to an old lady as the day improvement. The statue is under open sky, philanthropist's and villager's have tried to build a roof but each time it's been wrecked, apparently because the goddess prefers-to shower her blessing in the open. As per Srimad Devi Bhagwat there are 108 shakti peethas in India and this holy Temple is 1 of them.


Jai Dhari Devi Maa
There are several legends related to this temple. 1 of the legend says that once there was a calamitous flood in Garhwal region and one of the temples of Mata Kali got washed away. A local rural of Dharo Village saw the statue washed up at a particular spot in his dreams, hurried to the spot however found solely the higher a part of statue. This is often wherever the temple was constructed. The lower half was later on found to be in Kalimath, wherever mata is prayed in Kali roop.

It's believed that the statue of Dhari Devi shall not be put under roof. For the same reason, the statue in Dhari Devi Temple are put under open sky. Taking pictures of Dhari Devi statue is strictly prohibited.

The village close to  the temple is name after goddess Dhari and known as Dhari Village. A dangling bridge over Alaknanda river connects the Dhari Devi Temple to Dhari Village.

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